Thursday, October 2, 2014

It comes alive at the Field Museum

Have you ever been to the Field Museum in Chicago?!?!  On our recent trip there, I almost skipped this treasure.  I thought since we had just been at the Natural History Museum in New York, why go there.  The big place I wanted to visit was the Museum of Science and Industry.  Well we needed to kill time while waiting for Joe one day.  I wish we would've spent two days there, instead of just a few hours!

Sitting on flamingo nests.

The Egyptian exhibit was the BEST!!!

 Display of how the mummification process took place.

 Canopic Jars

 Laying in a bed similar to what they would've slept in.
The Ancient Egypt section was very educational and really tied in well with our History in Story of the World V. 1.  So it was a great benefit for us!

We also enjoyed a couple 3D movies while we were there.  We learned about tiny field mice and watched one on ancient Egypt.

 We really want to go back to this museum!  It was soooo much fun!!  We learned about volcanoes, dinosaurs, ancient Egypt and so much more!

This is Caty seeing if she can get her arm stuck in the meteor.

I highly recommend visiting the Field Museum if you are in Chicago.  It is a must see.  Be sure to check your any family science museum memberships you have, many of them offer reciprocal benefits with the Field Museum.  So you might be able to get in at no charge for admissions and just pay parking.  Which is a minimum of $20.00 if you park close or have a taller vehicle.  The IMAX is also not included, but we did enjoy the two shows we watched.  

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