Saturday, October 4, 2014

Week 18 .... Choo...choo...Chugging Along!!

.....And we keep chugging along.

Joey had a fairly good week this week.  He struggled with some of his calendar activities, and did not handle his essay questions well.  But we are still working on it.  We are just going to keep trying, and keep the mentality of the Little Train....I know he can...I know he can...I know he can.  He really only had two real emotional breakdowns this week.  I did link them both to incidents involving both tree nuts and peanuts.  So he was told he could not have peanuts or peanut butter now.  We are going to have him avoid it for a few weeks and see what happens.  If he reacts again, we know to avoid those foods.

He was building a Monet painting in Minecraft to go with his Traveling through History with Dr. Who class.
 He is working on the concept.  He did pretty good I thought for his first time re-creating art.
He had a good time at bowling this week.  It was nice to have a smooth night for him.

Brayden did his best flying under the radar this week.  He also had a good time at bowling.  He let me snap his picture a couple

He is getting ready to watch his Presidents mini-series on Amazon.  He is watching the Ultimate Guide to the Presidents mini-series from the History Channel.  He is currently using Standard Deviants for History and Science.  He is enjoying the short lessons and the fact he can watch and not need to read all his lessons (watch for our upcoming review).

Lydia did pretty good this week.  We have been struggling finding a groove for her.  I think we may have found something.  She still whines about school....I pointed her way to the

This week, she decided against cooking projects.  But she decided to do a couple art projects and then learn about frogs.  We are working on typing up basic reports on subjects.  This week, she tackled an animal report on frogs.  I printed a list of questions for her to answer.  She decided to get fancy and copy/paste pictures into her report too.  We are working on sentence structure as she is doing this.  She is back into life science full swing

We worked more on the artist Paul Klees this week using lines.

 Did leaf rubbings...

Horseriding .. of course.
She started the Story of the World History class on Homeschool with Minecraft.  She had so much fun.  She did 4 weeks worth of lessons this week.  Very proud of her, she was able to do this all independently!!!
She also worked on making stories with story blocks.

Johnny-5....oh I mean Caty....craved lots of input this week.  We did so much.

She kept getting out her Goldie Blox games.

We worked on memorizing the Continents and Oceans and their locations.  She kept watching Animaniacs .... lol and the capital songs.

We learned about Johnny Appleseed more this week.  We concentrated on the parts of the apple and made apple butter.

 We did a quick refresher on plants.  She is taking care of two African Violets I found on sale at Kroger last week.

This led to what parts of the plant we eat.

The apple & plant study made her want to dissect a seed.  We talked about the parts of the seed and planted some of the apple seeds we got out of the apples we cut up.  

She had to inspect the seeds under the microscope.
In art we finished another art work based on Paul Klees style.  This was lines styles and types.
 We did leaf rubbings.

 Here she is watching the Magic School Bus on Seeds and working on an upper/lowercase alphabet puzzle cards.
 She LOVES horseriding.
 She has been working on these two word families from last week.  We added -ap on Thursday, but haven't done the flower yet.  We'll do it Monday.  She read her first Hooked on Phonics books from the set.

 I did art with the kids this week.... it was fun!

It was a smooth week until Thursday when I had a ladder fall on my head.  Ugh....ended up in the ER the next day because I was having issues.  Dr. said it was a concussion and take it easy.  Go figure.

Hope everyone had a great week!!

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