Monday, October 5, 2015

Our Weekly Meal Plan

I have been working hard at keeping our meal plan posted.  It really does keep me organized.

I do ours a little different.  Our plan usually includes lots of curriculum based choices.  I plan our lunches/dinners around our presidential study, US Geography and any other topic of that week.

Here's our meals this week:

Lunch - Ravioli and salad
Dinner - homemade pizzas

Lunch-Family dinner - hot chicken sandwiches, green casserole, coleslaw and hm caramel apple cake
Dinner - Hot dogs and leftover coleslaw

Lunch - tacos
Dinner - Roast with apples, carrots (We'll eat the leftovers throughout the week.)

Lunch - Pancakes (Lydia making these)
Dinner - Chicken and Dumplings (Go with our study of Delaware)
Snack/Dessert - apple dumplings (John Adams)

Lunch - Codfish cakes (John Adams Meal)
Dinner - Spaghetti and garlic bread
Snack/Dessert - Peach sorbet (Delaware treat)

Lunch - Frozen pizzas
Dinner - Pizza pot pie (yeah...they love their pizza meals)
Snack - Fruit kabobs (math project)

Lunch - sandwiches and chips
Dinner - Out .... Headed to QuarterHorse Congress

Out all day for Quarter Horse Congress

I'll keep posting.  It helps keep me accountable!!

Remember plan ahead and use your crockpot!!!

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