Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week 18 - Native Americans, Molecules, Fall Art and George Washington

To start our week off we visited a local Native American Festival.  I was a little disappointed in the amount of commerce and how little educational exhibits there were.  But we still saw a few things that went along with what we have learned in the last few weeks.

 Caty is hold a stick and ball game similar to lacrosse.

 A baby hammock
 Bark siding and reed walls
 Joey playing a stick and ball game with daddy
 Grinding corn
 Fishing net
 Bark gathering basket

 You can actually stay in this longhouse for the weekend.  It is

 We could take a canoe out on the lake.  I took the girls out and they loved it.
 A trappers sod house
 Inside the sod house
 Practicing for the opening dance.

We attempted to watch the Lunar Eclipse, but had some issues with cloud cover.  But we did get to watch most of it.  Unfortunately we never did get to see the "red" look of the moon though.

We learned about Molecules this week in Science and even created a water molecule model.  The kids also watched this Bill Nye video to go with their lesson.

They built water molecules.

The kids participated in a Pocket Letter Swap in our homeschool group.  I didn't get a picture of Lydia's.  She did a good job printing pictures for the one she created..

I actually got to use this cool device a little this week.  We bought it because it allows my laptop to connect to our TV.  I use it for our US States information and science items.  Kind of like a smart board without the $5,000 price tag.

Our state this week was New Hampshire.

We learned about ladybugs and deer.

Our recipes for New Hampshire were applesauce

and Bishop's Bread.   Lydia did a great job working on this recipe.

We finished up our reading about Vikings and ready to move onto other explorers of North America.

We had gymnastics this week.  Caty says she loves it, but doesn't show it anymore.  I am questioning continuing this.

Caty working on her Reading Kingdom work.

She also wanted to start Code Spark.  So she had a blast playing this Coding game.

Lydia working on math.

I added another high school subject to Joey's workload.  He didn't do too bad.  But I didn't like the workbook with the set, so I am changing it up a little for him next week.  That is what frustrated him the most.

Brayden is chugging along in his Ohio History subject.  I am impressed so far with him finishing it.  He did not enjoy reading the Horrible Geography books.  So I let him off the hook of those.

We managed to do a group art project this week.....

Supplies were acrylics, thicker water color paper and painters was the kicker.  I had them use paper towel to "Paint" or dab the color on.  This freaked the boys out.

Finished projects.

This week we added in US Presidents to our studies.  Of course we started with George Washington.  We watched this video on You Tube and read a book about him.  We also filled out this President report about him.

For a treat, we cooked one of his favorite pumpkin custards.  It did not turn out well at all :(.  In fact none of us would eat it.  Not sure what we did wrong.

It turned was rather gross looking.

We used this book this week.

We did learn a lot about George Washington this past fall when we visited Mount Vernon.  That was a wonderful experience and I'm glad they got to visit it.

We are going to make our way through the presidents this year.  Not learning a ton about each, just a few facts.  Mainly as review for the boys and introduction for the girls.

Brayden has been asking to make homemade soft pretzels for a few weeks.  I have been putting it off because I forgot how easy it was.  So I finally put it on the menu for lunch.  He was thrilled.  Very proud of himself making them.  This is the recipe we used - whole wheat soft pretzels.

I showed Lydia how to make gluten free onion rings, which made Joey very happy.  They were soooo good!!!

Brayden was so proud of the pretzels that he went and invited grandma to eat lunch with them that day.

Caty got a chance to try archery yesterday.  They were testing her to see if she is ready for the class.  She was given a thumbs up for next session.

We did miss out on one art project this week, so we'll carry it over to next week.  But we finished up all of our projects and I was happy for them all and the hard work they did.

Hope everyone had a great week!!  See you next weekend!!

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