Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 19 - Marco Polo, Fall leaves, and Fibonacci

This week started out with me in utter pain to walk.  No idea why, even went to the ER to make sure I didnt have a blood clot.  It got better, but every step is painful in my legs.  I just have to be careful how much I am walking.  I also decided to cut back on all grains since I noticed some other changes happening.  I don't eat much in the terms of grains, but have been eating more gluten free desserts.  So that is where I need to make some changes.

There was more book work than projects this week.  This week we started learning about Maryland and Delaware.  It was fun to see sights we have been too shown on Aerial America.

We are reviewing a book called Eat Your Math Homework by Ann McCallum.  This week we learned about the Fibonacci pattern.

They made Fibonacci patterns with candies.

This was a bit confusing.  I never even learned this in school or college.  Go figure...lol.

Caty did not enjoy this activity.  She has been a little off the last few days, so I let her off the hook.  She didn't even want any candy.

We also went on a leaf walk around our neighborhood to learn about the trees growing on our block.  We started collecting for their leaf books we'll be working on next week.

Believe it or not, he was having fun.  But you would think he was being attacked by some weird smell.

The girls worked on Thinking of You cards for a local retirement home.  They had fun with this and want to do more next week.  We are going to give them to a friend that works there.  She can surprise someone with a nice card if they are having a bad day or missing a relative, etc.  Anytime she thinks someone needs a pick me up.

Caty and I started going through the Autumn Treasures unit study by Amanda Bennett.

Our art this week was a watercolor of Peach Blossoms.  Since the peach blossom is the state flower of Delaware.

Caty was just off all week.  This is her after I got onto her for laying on the couch to do her reading program.  She sat up then.  That's my laptop on the ottoman.

She is working on two digit adding.  We used legos as manipulatives.

She also needed a continent & oceans review.  So we worked on this map.  Did you know that now the Southern Ocean is being left out of textbooks?  Just a few years ago, I was teaching Joey and Brayden that it existed.  Now it's not recognized.

It was science week.....we caught up on some experiments.

This was just the old standard.....balloon blowed up with baking soda & vinegar reaction.  The kids LOVE this one.

They saw this experiment in their Bill Nye video...Cleaning pennies with vinegar and salt.

They attempted to make bouncy balls.

They did work!!

And lastly, they separated water molecules.   This one worked really well too!

Lydia had riding practice for her competition this weekend.  Brayden has been in rare form all week.  He was out exploring at the stable and playing with all the cats.

The boys got their first pocket letters in the mail.  They were excited to read them.

Lydia continues with archery.  This is definitely one of her favorite things to do next to horse riding.

We went to a corn maze this week with daddy and had a blast spending time with him.

We have marked a ton off our Fall Bucket List.  We only have about 5 things left.

On Saturday, we had a Just Because party with the kids and surprised them with gifts.  We had to wait until Caty felt better.  Both Joe and Caty had a touch of food poisoning.  They didn't feel well at all.

But they all enjoyed their gifts.  Wizard of Oz Barbies for Lydia.....

Star Wars Monopoly for Joey...

A new video game for Brayden.  Both the boys wanted Star Wars Monopoly and the video game.  So it worked out giving one to each...lol.  They had fun playing with Daddy.  Brayden is so much like his daddy when playing Monopoly.

Playdough and Unicorn PJs for Caty.

I surprised them with a rainbow cake.  This of course got squeals from Caty.

It was a long week, but we got a lot crammed in and done.  The only thing we didn't get to was our study of latitude/longitude, but we'll put that off until next week.  No big deal.

Hope everyone had a great week last week!

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  1. I love the just because party! I might have to do that sometime.