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Birth of Jesus Multi-level Study from GrapeVine Studies

Drawing something is a good way to stick something to memory.  Doodling, journaling and interactive notebooking are all ways used to encourage children to remember subject matter.  For kids, just sitting and reading scriptures can be hard to remember what you are reading.  Their minds can even wander because they are having trouble concentrating.  We recently had the opportunity to review the Birth of Jesus Multi-level study options from GrapeVine Studies.  This included The Birth of Jesus Multi-Level Student Workbook, Teachers Manual and Traceable Pages all in ebook format.  

The Birth of Jesus Multi-level Student workbook study (ebook $6.50) was created for kids ages 5 - 7 to study and learn about the life of Jesus.  But it is not just by reading from the Bible, but it is through Timelines that they get to create and through drawings that they can make as you are reading the Scriptures.

Along with your own copy of the Bible, you can sit down with your child and they can journal or draw the main point of the verses you are reading.  The Birth of Jesus Multi-level study has been created for ages 5 - 7.   It allows them to Chronicle the life of Jesus from before his birth through his death.  This program can be done as 5 weekly studies or 24 daily lessons.  

Each lesson not only contains the journaling boxes, but also reinforcement questions to go through with your child.

The Birth of Jesus Multi-level study could be used as group studies with your families or even in a classroom type setting.  GrapeVine Studies provides Family purchase and classroom purchase options when you purchase The Birth of Jesus Multi-level study.

The Birth of Jesus Multi-Level Teacher Manual (ebook $10.00) can also be purchased.  It matches the student workbook, with stick figure examples and extra talking points for you to discuss with your child.  This Teacher Manual also provides a daily or weekly schedule (if you like having plans laid out for you), supply list, teach notes, mapping and vocabulary work suggestions to help your students get the most of the scriptures they are reading.  

Another option available is The Birth of Jesus Traceable Pages for Multi-level ($8.00) also for ages 5 - 7.  With the same pages to print as the Student workbook, it provides tracing opportunities to students who might struggle with the fine motor skills of handwriting and drawing.  It gives them the option to trace the same stick figures that other kids are drawing for the same scriptures.

We have used other products from GrapeVine studies and so I was familiar with their materials.  The Birth of Jesus Multi-level study is very easy to print out (if you purchase the ebook option) as you are using them.  You do not need to print the Teacher's Manual.  One of my favorite features if the Biblical Timeline that materials are provided for you to create.  Each daily lesson is also easily done and I found that as we were reading from our copy of the Bible, it really drew out more questions from our children.  They were wanting to draw the right type of picture to go with each box.  So we would re-read scriptures and really talk about the issues surrounding Zechariah and Elizabeth and also why Mary was really humble when she accepted the job of being Jesus mother.

I think my favorite part of The Birth of Jesus Multi-level study you can use it with your own copy of the Bible.  It does not require you purchasing a specific Bible study aide.  GrapeVine Studies does offer the ebook option, so you can print specific materials for your family bible study, a coop or just your lessons for the day or week.  It is also very affordable for families with multiple student levels.  You also do not have a long list of needed supplies to create the lessons, you simple need writing materials (crayons/markers if your kids like it fancy) and a copy of your Bible.  That's it.  You could use a dry erase board if you wanted to, but we did not find it necessary to have the extra materials out.  

The Birth of Jesus Multi-level study is definitely an added benefit for students.  Several members of Schoolhouse Review Crew were given the opportunity to try out various products from GrapeVine Studies.  Take some time to see what other products they offer and how the Crew members were able to use them in their homes. 

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