Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 40 - French and Indian War, Senses and Exercise

What a week.  My mom is still in the hospital and so I am going between there, working, going to school and working with the kids.  I was pretty exhausted almost everyday last week.  I did manage to bump up my exercise schedule though.  I met my 10,000 step goal everyday last week, except Wednesday.  That was the only day I didn't get a chance to squeeze in a run on the treadmill.  I didn't watch my diet very well last week.  So I am going to work on that next week.

I had to stock up for their 4H and science....You might be a homeschooler if you have more science supplies on your grocery list than groceries....

I am working to find the balance since Joe will be gone a lot the next couple months.  It's hard when you are severely outnumbered.

This is what they accomplished with their schoolwork this week....

In history we read about the French and Indian War.  We watched a couple short videos on YouTube that explained it after we finished our History reading.  We also learned about the Albany Plan of Union and the first political cartoon:

They watched a cartoon version of the Last of the Mohicans that I found on YouTube also.

This week's states were Illinois and Indiana.  We are not doing a ton of extra projects right now with the states.  I have been a little relaxed about this.  But we are watching an Aerial America episode about every state. These are great shows!!

Our president this week was the beloved Abraham Lincoln.  We watched a short biography about him.

The girls started their new Science book - Sassafrass Twins Anatomy.  The first week is about senses.  A lot of review.  But they still enjoyed it.  These are some of the books and videos that we used for science this week.


Caty finished her second grade geography book this week.  She was all smiles and high fives for that.  I am noticing some handwriting difficulties that are creeping in.  This week we experimented with what reading program she liked better.  She is doing well with the hands on program instead of the online program.  I'll be switching things up again for her next week.  So we are going to work on that now.  She started her Cloverbuds project which is helping her learn more about 4H and herself.

She is making her Blooming Bag here.
 This was another project...making a personal box with her journal and special pencil inside.

Reviewing Secondary colors during her online art class.  She is really enjoying this program.
 Caty during reading time.  Doesn't every read like this?
 And of course we had riding this week...
Brayden finished his math level and is starting his next math level next week.  I am switching him from an online program to more of a book program since I see him not retaining as much as I would like.  We'll see if this works any better for him.  He was determined to do as little as possible this week.  But he started 4H projects too.  This year he is doing a Trains project, Kitchen Chemistry and a gardening project.

This is the first time he has tried to cut up his own food.  I was so happy and had to get a picture.  Check another life skill off.

He lied about doing his math all week and took advantage of every time I was distracted.  So guess what he had to do Saturday morning while the girls were at riding....yep his Math!

Joey finished his American Government course.  Check off one elective for high  He is working on 3 projects for 4H.  He is doing Bottle Rockets, Exploring Ponds and Money Wise.

So this week he looked at Water consumption and conservation and also built his own water cycle.

He also worked on the Laws of Motion for his rockets project...

Lydia has a huge list of 4H projects.  She may kill me this year.  She finally decided not to do a sewing project this year....whew!

She is loving her art class and even is doing the Art project with 4H this year as one of her projects.

Working on a review of mixing colors with her art class online.

 She is doing a photography project....
 Working on her symmetry art project.
 Lydia using our math blocks during Aerial America.

I hope everyone had a great week!  See you next weekend!!

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