Sunday, June 5, 2016

Week 1 - Baseball Camp, Battle Reenactment and the start of Summer School

We had a very long weekend that lead into our first week of Summer School.  That's right...I am calling it Summer School.  We will spend the summer reading and reviewing before the official start of their next grade in the fall.  We will continue with our regular history program, and also our state study until we finish all 50 states.  We are almost there!

Lydia did have her 4H presentation for our group.  She has such a hard time public speaking, which is hilarious because she never shuts up at home

Caty's cloverbud group did a sharpie bandana with was very neat looking.

The kids had a chance to go to the Special Needs Baseball Camp that was hosted by the local minor league baseball team.  We were all excited about this opportunity.

We visited a local Fort that was built during the War of 1812.  Fort Meigs put on a re-enactment over the weekend and we enjoyed going and watching the battle and having a ladies tea.  The battle was very loud and a little overwhelming, but cool to see.

 "Modern" medicine at the fort

 Ladies tea
 With bath bread
 Making flower crafts

 Doing the laundry

 Then we went to Home Depot and got the stuff to create a walk-in butterfly house in our fence.  The girls are super excited!
 We actually had 2 BBQs this weekend.  Caty loves Grandpa's BBQ chicken
 The girls finished painting the chairs and they are displayed out front.

On Tuesday, we went to the library and worked on our schoolwork before listening to a local meteorologist about how they predict the weather and what you need to do in order to become a meteorologist.

Caty wouldn't be in the picture by herself.

Then it was off to riding lessons after a special lunch of Chinese, which Caty had been begging for.

They were in the pool everyday, even though it was freezing.

They also had cheerleading.  They are starting to learn their routine for competitions.

All the kids worked hard this week on the Living History Projects:

Joey learned about Matt Groening.

 Brayden about John Chapman, aka Johnny Appleseed

And yes we know the pot on his head was most likely a legend, but it's still fun!
Caty about Deborah Sampson.

Lydia about Dolley Madison.

The puppies had to get shots this week.  They were miserable.  If I didn't have to worry about kenneling them or when we travel, I wouldn't even do it.  But they have to have shots to even be considered for therapy training for the kids.  They have each gained a pound in the past month!

This week, Caty and I continued reading The Little House in the Big Woods.  We learned about collecting honey, a little more about how the pioneers used maple sap to make goodies, and also about how cheese is made.  We watched videos on how to make cheese at home, but we didn't have time to make it this week.  Maybe next.  Caty was completely grossed out when we read about how the Ingalls made cheese at home.  She has struggled all week with attention and mood issues.  So we did a little on telling time and also worked in her Summer Bridge book.

We also did some research on Painted Lady butterflies and we finished setting up our butterfly habitat.  We need to get some flowers for inside the area.  I thought how fun it would be to have our own walk-in habitat to study and watch the butterflies.  We had an area inside our fence that was perfect to enclose.  It took a little money to do it, but I think it will be worth it.  We will go butterfly hunting next week for extra, and we ordered our larvae.  Caty and I read the Zoobooks we just received on butterflies this week in preparation.  Caty said she doesn't want to be a butterfly because she doesn't want to taste food with her feet.

We finished the week off at the girls riding show at the Stable they take lessons at.  They look forward to it every year.  Lydia was moved up to compete with the older students.  She has to keep working hard to improve herself.  But they both did well.

Caty earned a 1st and 4th place
 Lydia earned 2 - 5th places

When we got home, Joe let Joey take apart a table that is broken for the trash.  He was excited to use the drill.

It was a fun, but busy week!  Lydia was off to science camp and will be back in a few days.  She is super excited, but nervous with it being a very different camp setting than she is used to.  Look forward to hearing her stories.

Hope everyone has a great week and summer!  See you next week!!

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  1. You always pack so much into a single week, your kids are very lucky. What a great idea to have your own butterfly habitat so cool