Friday, March 3, 2017

President's Day, 50s and 60s, 4H, and Biography projects

We have been enjoying the beautiful weather here in Northwest Ohio.  Temps in the 60s in February are a reason to rejoice!!  Last year we were freezing to death.  The girls were bike riding and playing with their cousin outside.

Joe and I got out and did a lot of walking last week.  According to my Fit Bit, I walked almost 30 miles last week.  We went on a walk every day together.  It was really nice, and I am thankful the kids cooperated the whole week so we could do that.

We finally got to the Holocaust Museum in Farmington Hills, MI.  We went to finish up our study of World War II and the Holocaust.  The staff we interacted with were very nice.  The exhibits were nice.

This is an actual car used for transportation.

They had a nice little exhibit/timeline about Anne Frank.

These were squares made by some of the Kindertrain survivors and/or their children.  This was something new we learned about.  I didn't realize that the Jews were actively trying to send their children out of Germany to save them before things started to get bad.

All in all it was interesting.  But I really felt that it was mainly presenting the Jewish side of the Holocaust.  It didn't give much information on the other groups that suffered.  I know that the Jews were the ones being targeted for annihilation, but there were other groups.  I felt that they were not represented very well.

We finished up the 50s and 60s this week in History.  We had discussions on the Civil Rights movement that took place.  We watched a couple movie about this time period.  We watched Selma
and the Disney movie Ruby Bridges.


This week we finished up simple machines with projects on Gears.

On Monday we watched some videos on all the Presidents.  I found a series of PBS 60 second videos on Youtube.  We also had trivia questions about the Presidents.

Tuesday brought us time to see the new Lego Batman movie.  The kids were very excited.  They love this type of stuff.

Math brought about long division with no remainders.  This was very tough.  They were struggling big time.  Lydia almost has it down.  Brayden prefers to cheat and Joey is trying.  So we're going to spend another few days on this.

Caty started playing a new-to-us game for math.  She has fallen in love with it.  Prodigy math.  She played at least an hour everyday this week.

Getting ready for Fantasticon in a couple weeks.  Joey and I tackled making the Buster Sword for his costume.  He was very proud of the final result.

Our Living history event is in a couple weeks.  Joey finished his report this week on Roald Dahl.

During a video for history class, she got a little distracted.

Caty worked hard on her Empowering Women event that is coming up on Monday.  She is doing her report on Julia Child.

Our house is going to have a ton of project boards for the next couple of weeks.

On Tuesday when we went to the Movie, we also went to the 4H office to let them look at project books.  We have a few already started.  But this is my lesson plan pile I have to get organized.

On Friday after watching our history movie, we worked on another art project from Creating a Masterpiece.  They painted with ink.

Their finished projects.

We had our first 4H meeting of the season.  We all worked on making plarn for the local senior center.  They use it to make mats for the homeless.  Caty loved this project and we'll continue to make more for them.

We had a busy week.  4H season is now upon us.  Cookie booth season is starting also.  As we finish up February, in comes a busy March.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. Lots of great stuff accomplished this week. The museum looks very interesting and sobering.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. What an incredibly busy week! I love all your photos :)