Friday, June 16, 2017

New Jobs, Science Camp, Cereal Treats and Science Club

We started out a crazy…crazy week.  This week Joey and Brayden both started their volunteer jobs at the library branch we use.  Joey also started the Summer Youth program in our county for teenagers with disabilities.  He does this two days a week, so we have to get this arranged in our weekly schedule.  It is going to be a challenging summer in this regards.

Daddy had to head to Tennessee this week, so I had to balance all activities to be done with just me being the driver.  On Sunday, we literally just relaxed because the craziness was about to break open the next day.  I had to get Lydia packed for 4H science camp.  Caty was disappointed that she wasn’t going this year.  But we had decided that it was just too much for her to be away from home for that long.  She doesn’t sleep well at night. 

So on Monday, I woke up and made them brownies for breakfast, which made Caty very happy.  Then we started our very busy week. 

The boys had their first volunteer shift at the library.  We are calling it a job, since they must follow the rules of a job.  It didn’t go too bad considering it was the first day of the summer reading program.  They did really well as busy as they were.

Then we headed to soccer practice.  Next we killed time running a couple errands before we headed to drop Lydia off at science camp.  She was very excited to have her friends in her cabin this year.

Then we went home to relax.  Now during all of this, I did have assigned work for them to do.  I didn’t let them out of schoolwork.  It wasn’t mass amounts, but I’m keeping them on track.

The next day, we took Joey to work with the summer youth program.  He works 9 – 3 two days during the week.  Brayden, Caty and I got home, and we got started on 4H projects.  I split my time between them.  They worked on cooking, art, sewing and gardening projects.  Caty and I rewarded ourselves for a hard day’s work by watching the new Beauty and the Beast movie that we missed seeing in theaters.

Brayden has been bugging me terribly about starting his business.  Caty wanted to do one too.  So after thinking and planning, I thought we need to get this off the ground….so Krispy Treats came to life.  They are creating gourmet cereal bars in various flavors.  We made our plan, bought some supplies to test out their recipes and sent in our forms for the local Farmers Market.  I really don’t think I can handle a bigger market.  We had no idea what to expect.  They came up with a list of treats to make and sell on Saturday at the Farmers Market.  They made Original, Fruity Rainbow, Splatter Batter (vanilla cupcake with sprinkles), Chocolate Mint, Peanut Butter Lovers and Butterfinger.

Testing his creation

We picked up a tired Lydia on Thursday morning and then hit some really great garage sales.  Joey was working that day and also out going to garage sales with his group. 

Exhausted from all the fun

On Friday, we had ASL and Science Club.  At ASL the girls are experiencing a problem with bullying.  I thought it was done last week when they told me.  But nope…it happened again.  So I am going to take care of the issue.  It’s sad that parents allow their personal feelings to affect their child’s judgement.  I really think this whole issue stems from our Girl Scout troop split.  This mother has hang-ups and it was passed onto her kid, who thinks its ok to bully girls.  I was trying to be civil, and will remain as civil as possible.  But bullying is not tolerable in any form around me or my children!! 

In Science Club this week we learned about the inside of a tree’s trunk.  We labeled worksheets, I found here.  We had examples of trees to look at and then we built models of a trunk.  We also included art this week.  The kids did crayon rubbings of tree bark and then painted them.  Some turned out better than others.  But it was fun to watch them run from tree to tree. 

After Science Club we headed up to the Special Olympics Bocce ball game/picnic.  The boys didn’t want to go, but Brayden has now found a new game to enjoy.  He had a lot of fun.  Someone brought pizza, so that made it all better for Joey. He was tired from a long week.  Then we went home and mass made cereal treats for the Farmers Market the next morning.

Krazy Treats was open and ready to sell.  It wasn’t a busy day, so there were lots of leftovers.  Some the kids ate, and others we shared as promotional.   We learned quite a few things and we are ready to take on next week!!

Saturday afternoon brought us quilting help from a dear friend.  I didn’t understand Lydia’s quilt pattern for her project.  I was grateful for the help!  Then we had family come over to spend the night.  It was going to be a Cedar Point day!

It was such an exhausting week.  But that is how our entire June will be.  The girls are training for a triathlon on July 1st.  Three of the four kids are working all summer.  Caty has a farm camp and now is adding golf into her schedule.  Competitive Cheer is started back this week (which I didn’t get a picture of).  Soccer is finished, but softball will be starting soon.  Between all these new experiences and 4H, county fairs and state competitions….. ugh.  So much for a relaxing summer.

Hope everyone had a great week!!  Linking up with other moms at:  Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. Looks like a week of lots of fun and learning! I didn't know that there were so many ways to make cereal treats!

  2. WOW! What a busy week. It sounds like the kids had so much fun starting their own business.
    Blessings, Dawn