Monday, October 21, 2019

Basketball Starts, Pocohontas Play, Cornmazes, and Nonstop Running

I'm not sure who gave this educational style the name homeschooling.  Homeschool means you are home.  The newest generation of homeschooling has changed and evolved from the original trailblazers from 30-40 years ago.  I dream of mornings that we can work from home and a full day at home is a true dream!!

Our weeks are full of educational opportunities that involve being out in the community.  Learning about possible future employers, studying life through experiences, all with book work thrown in the mix.  Gone are the days of kitchen table learning, or at least full time kitchen table learning.  We definitely had one of those weeks.

Our week started with our annual trip to the corn maze with our friends.

Fresh made donuts!!  Yum!!

It was fun but exhausting.  We did some schoolwork when we got home from that and then we had our family bible study.

On Tuesday we started out with book work, and then we went with a friend to see a local theater's tale of Pocahontas.

Then we rushed to Caty's Japanese class.  And then off to bowling.

All the kids started bball practice this week.  I take advantage of extra exercise time when I can during the kids practice schedules.  I'm at the gym with them 4 days a week, so I might as well take advantage of it.

We had our co-op on Wednesday.  More road-schooling as they worked on their daily book work on the way there and back.  We drive a little over an hour and a half one way to get to classes.  So we use the time for bookwork and to watch documentaries.  I also pull out audiobooks during this time.

Caty's one class is about nature and art.  They went searching for materials for their next project.

And then more bball practice for the boys.  Brayden missed practice that night because of a social skills event.  He went to Cook Night.

I soon realized that my daughter stole all of my favorite Under Armour socks.  I now have Caty's hand-me-down Disney and Pokemon socks.  I bought her adult sized socks, because she has pretty big feet.  But she is now a Size they no longer fit.  I guess everyone needs to feel like a princess.

I decided to take school to the library one morning.  Lydia had an appt at the chiropractor.  She is having some spinal issues, including scoliosis.  It has one leg messed up (shorter than another), shoulder blades and pelvis is messed up too.  So she'll be going to a while to get this under control.  So I thought library and lunch out to mix school up a bit.

We worked on Delaware for our state this week.  Some of the books we read.

Our state meal was Slippery dumplings, watermelon, and peach cobbler.

I found Caty a couple digital drawing apps.  So she started drawing while we were waiting for an appt.  Lydia just was drawing to kill time.

The girls started basketball practice too.  While they are all practicing, I either help if needed or I go to the small gym at the building and I work out.

I found a note in Joey's bag from the DayHab!!

On Friday ams, I work from home.  I spend two hours teaching kids from our co-op on Minecraft.  This semester I'm teaching two classes.  I love getting to relax and still get to teach.

That afternoon we left to take Lydia down for the All American Quarter Horse Congress competition.  It's the biggest horse show in the world!  Friday was the welcoming banquet for the EWD class and they did some showmanship practice.

It was getting late, so Joe took the other kids to the hotel and Lydia and I took an Uber car back to the hotel.  It was an busy weekend.

The hotel we stayed in used to be a back and offices at the turn of the century 1900.  We were fortunate to be upgraded to a suite with two separate rooms.

I spent Friday evening getting organized for meds.

This was Lydia's first time going to Quarter Horse Congress.

More shots of the hotel.  When Marriott converted it, they kept the charm of the building.  Which is awesome.  They could have gutted it and added more rooms, instead they created this beauty.

Got the gang Duck Donuts.  They are served warm!

Fixing her helmet for Showmanship.  We are fortunate that Lydia is receiving extra coaching from NSBA judges and her coach is also a certified YEDA coach.

Finalist in Showmanship.

We had time Saturday afternoon, so we visited Easton Mall.  There was a Hello Kitty pop-up.  The girls were a bit disappointed.  We had wanted to do this for a long time, and never anytime in our travels were we able to catch up to one.  But it was pretty to see.  The girls said the treats were just ok.

Fun at the mall

More hotel shots Sunday am while getting breakfast.

There is a building called Puppy Alley at Congress.  Many people breed dogs as a side business.  This is a safe place for them to sell their animals.  I fell in love (again) with the English Bull Dog puppies.  I did not bring any home.  They are so cute.  Some day I will own

Brayden meeting some State Patrols that were patrolling the grounds.

Enjoying frozen cheesecake on a stick.

On Sunday she rode in two classes.  Western Pleasure which she finished as a finalist.

And Horsemanship, which she placed 14th (Top 15) AQHA and 7th NSBA.  She was beaming!

It was another late evening as usual.  But we survived another year at Congress.

Does anyone road-school?  Share some of your tips....would love to see what you do. 

Linking up with other homeschool families at Homeschool Coffee Break.  So grab a cup and catch up on what everyone is doing right now.

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  1. WOW! What a fun and fantastic week. We road school a ton, but not so much for fun...more like doctor appointments. We use workbooks, audio books and use the theory of the world is our classroom. There is so much to learn everywhere we go. I love that hotel. I love it when places keep the old and mix it with the new.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. What a VERY busy week!! So many amazing opportunities and experiences though. Congrats to your kids on all their various achievements during the week.

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