Thursday, November 14, 2019

Elephant Learning Math Academy Review

Math can be frustrating for many child to master, and just as frustrating for the parent to teach as well.  We had a chance to review the 12 month subscription of the new online program from Elephant Learning Math Academy.  This is a fun, new approach to mastery of those very important math skills.

Elephant Learning Academy was created for students who are struggling in math.  Students in an age group of roughly 2 - 16 years old, are promised that their math skills will improve in under 3 months.  And that is just by playing in as little as 30 minutes per week.  That's right, per week.  Your child will not be chained to their tablet or computer all day, everyday.  

After your child starts to play the games on Elephant Learning Math Academy, it detects where your child is at in their skills and builds upon what they have mastered and gives them practice on what they still need to improve on.  It is customized for what your child needs, with a focus on mastery.

The program allows your child to pick a game topic/interest that will keep their attention span. 

You can see your child's real age and their "math" age from the Dashboard of the program.  You can also print daily worksheets from this page, if there is one available for additional practice work for your student that session.

Elephant Learning Math Academy 12 month subscription is extremely user friendly.  Caty had the login saved on her laptop.  She could set a timer and practice through until her timer went off.  She was able to pick games that kept her attention span and interest.  

One of Caty's areas was Fractions.  The questions started out rather easy and gradually increased in difficulty as she was understanding and answering correctly.  This practice was allowing her to remember and tackle each fraction at her own pace and speed.  If she struggled, there were more questions to keep practicing.

Caty was worried since she was older, that the games would be "baby-ish".  But they were simple and not too "cartoony", even though the pictures above show those cartoon characters.  Their selection just gives me more of a theme for their game.  Which makes this attractive to kids of all ages, and not just the very young.  Older kids who are struggling do not want to be reminded that they are behind, sometimes to an elementary level in math.

Caty was not a fan of the repetition.  But I reminded her when she had mastered a topic, what would happen.  She agreed that working toward that mastery and she would get to move on.  I liked that she only needed to play a few times a week, or just a few minutes a day.  She's tied to her tablet and computer too much already.  She liked getting to pick the theme of her game, depending on her mood.  Game screens are read to students, just in case they need that help also.

I have seen gradual improvement in Caty's math skills.  She has been working on fractions, and she seems to be making the connections that were not there before.  She struggles a lot in this area.  And since she loves to cook, this is difficult for her.  I'm going to have her keep chugging along using Elephant Learning Math Academy.  This slow improvement has given her more confidence in skills she was feeling poorly about.  Improved skills (even when she doesn't see it) definitely means less meltdowns during math times due to this confidence!!  This equals that Elephant Learning Academy is definitely a success with Caty and her learning delays in math!!

Elephant Learning Academy is so confident in their product, that they guarantee that your child will learn a year's worth of math in as little as 3 months if used on a regular basis.  Click on the link below to see how other members of the Homeschool Review Crew felt after using Elephant Learning Math Academy over the last few weeks.

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