Monday, February 24, 2020

Menu Monday

This week is our lull week.  We have a ton of doctor appointments to go to.  But some of the spring sports haven't started yet.  I got my plan in place to try and use up some items that need to be used up. Unfortunately I still need to go to the store for a few items.  Mainly veggies, fruits, and milk.

Last week the kids started in an eSports Game club.  They meet weekly and its an integrative program with the game club at the high school.  So it will make our Wednesdays very busy.

B- Smoothies/pancakes
L- Leftovers/snacks
D- Pierogis w/ sausage


B - Whole wheat chocolate chip muffins
L - Biscuits and hash browns w/ gravy
D- Lasagna w/ salad and garlic bread


B - Cereal and fruit
L - Soup/Sandwiches
D- Pizza rolls and salad


B - Pizza Bagels
L - Packed lunches/leftovers at home - bagel sandwiches and Lunchables
D -Country fried steak w/ potatoes


B - Cream of wheat w/ berries
L - Split pea soup
D- Turkey pot pie w/ biscuit topper  

B- Muffin sandwiches w/ fruit
L- Leftovers
D- Dinner at the Homecoming Dance

B- Cereal and fruit
L- Cooler lunch
D- Leftovers/salad

Why I plan.....
Who isn't busy?!?!  Kids schedules, schoolwork, work, WOW!!  Life just does not stop!

When I create a menu, I include our schedule on it also.  In fact, I type the schedule into the table that I created first.  Then I know what is going on that day, and I can plan crockpot meals or even know if I need to have a make-ahead meal ready.  I do not use a fancy downloadable calendar, I simply use Microsoft Word.  I have a table I created on there.  At the bottom, I keep a running list of menu items that either I want them to try or food that is loved by all.

Hope everyone has a great week!!  See everyone next Monday!

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