Saturday, March 21, 2020

And Self-Imposed Quarantine Has Begun....

In a matter of a few days, our lives changed drastically.  Sports are cancelled for 3 weeks. Co-op was cancelled for 3 weeks.  E-games was cancelled.  Brayden's one job closed for almost 3 weeks.  Sign Language cancelled.  Japanese class now through Skype.  Libraries started closing.  Store shelves were emptying.  And even regular doctor appointments started cancelling and will be rescheduled.  Kingdom hall face-to-face meetings were cancelled, and a video feed set up to watch from home.  The Zoo closed, so no shifts for Lydia through April 1.  Theaters started closing, salons closing, and even stores that we sometimes frequent were closing.

Caty started out Sunday, our first day of watching Kingdom Hall on a video feed, asking to try to make macroons.  I said, Why not.  She had gotten a new kitchen tool for whipping cream and egg whites.  I wanted to take advantage of the warmer day, so I let her go to town.

Since it was a nice day, and I had gotten her supplies, while her macroons were cooling she planted her carrots, onions, and radishes outside.

The filling she made was not a hit.  But everyone agreed her cookies were really good.

Normally on the cabinet on the left, there hangs a very organized and full daily calendar.  That all changed overnight.  It was crazy how quick it all changed.

We tried to take advantage of some of the many resources that opened up their websites to everyone during these times of shutdowns for most school districts.

The girls did this art class from McHarper Manor several days this week.

Working on her Math program from Matific Galaxy.

This were their finished works from the Monday class.

Lydia has been reading though her new history book, History on Horseback.  Watch for our upcoming review.

I took my mom to the store on Monday night because Brayden's job was still open.   This is what the shelves looked like.  It was absolutely crazy.  I have never seen anything like this.  While we were at the store and I was helping chauffeur Brayden, Joe went to get his sister and her kids from their home in Indiana.  Everyone was on edge and anxious.  He said he felt more comfortable having her here.  So we grew from a family of 6 to a family of 9 in just a few hours.

With all the extra people, school still went on.  My niece and nephew have their e-programs to work on daily.  Our kids still have their work too.  Lydia still has riding.  That is one thing that is still happening.  So she left the house ONLY for riding this past week.

On Tuesday they made Peg people along with McHarper Manor.

Caty's Japanese lesson was on Skype.

Our niece Carra learned how to work with yeast while making an easy French bread recipe that a friend of ours shared with us.

The bread was a hit.

We did get to enjoy one walk outside this week before it started raining daily.  I cleaned off the treadmill and the storage room so we can use the weight bench and treadmill.  Our gym is also closed.

Joey still had Day Services this week.  We allowed them to go, since they are watching temperatures of all the people there.  It's also a small group.

Caty started a new History program using Homeschool in the Woods Time Travelers.  She has a timeline she is using in the living room.  She watched several videos and is exploring from the American Revolution through the 1800s.

Robby asked to make a giant Reese's cup.  This was fun and the kids liked it.

Trying to keep night we played You Don't Know Jack with Brandy.   I had to make light of the tp issues in the stores.

The first day of Spring was this week....And I am trying to keep things as normal as possible.  I got up and made them rainbow chip pancakes with clouds.

They all got little treat bags and butterfly Little Debbie cakes.

The girls all got new headphones in spring colors.

I also made them their favorite spring flower pretzel candies.

Their spring dinner was spring rolls, lemon ricotta pasta with asparagus and brocolli.

I'm glad I got this for Lydia.  She is taking a class at co-op and since we purchased this ourselves, she is able to work on it at home.  She really likes this CrowPi.

The girls Bible reading this week was about Jacob and Esau.  The girls tried lentils.  Lydia loved them, but Caty not so much. She doesn't like quinoa either.  It's a texture thing for her.

Lydia started her sign language class through Skype also.

The girls picked painting with forks after watching a video on Facebook.  They really enjoyed this.

We watched Cincinnati Zoo videos this week also.  It was fun learning about the different animals.

 My mom and Joe had appts this week.  I had to take them both to the first appts and then the rest were cancelled by their providers.  I still stayed plenty busy with work and also keeping the kids somewhat entertained.  One day the activity on McHarper Manor was playdough creations.  I really did not think the kids would like this, but they loved it!

Lydia is still practicing her piano.  But I need to find an online option for her if school cancels for the rest of the year.

My nephew is addicted to 5 minute crafts on Youtube.  So we have several of the projects that he'll be working on the next few weeks.  The first one started.....can the aloe leaf regrow it's roots in a banana.

Another activity was Dotzies.  This is one of those gem glueing activities.  All three of the girls love these.

Since we are stuck inside, I did have some projects to work on.  We bought a new storage shelf and sports shelf for our storage room/gym area.  Joe and Lydia put the shelves together so that I can start rearranging both the workout area and also my book store storage area.

We worked on cleaning up Joe's office and our front storage room also.  I got a lot of little projects like that done this week.  I am making my list for next week also.  I have so many things that I really want to accomplish and I have two more weeks off from work to finish this....we have this!!

Our governor in Ohio closed day adult services today.  Joey is not home next week.  His job had already cancelled this next week, but after today's announcement it may be longer than a week now.   Brayden's job is only open one day next week, but after the announcement today, he also may be home for the next few weeks also.

I still have my online co-op Minecraft class.  I at least have that.  Some of my student's from my in-class group will be joining us for the online class.  Help keep them going.

We will keep chugging along.  Lydia has some Fun online classes scheduled on Outschool next week.  I have my activity list ready and waiting if they start getting too bored.

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