Monday, March 23, 2020

Menu Monday

All things are still cancelled.  We are still practicing our social distancing as much as we possibly can.  I have had to run out a few times for meds and staples.  Last week we still had dr appts that were not cancelled.  This week almost all appts are cancelled.  I signed the girls up for some online classes on Outschool to keep them going.  Both girls are now doing their language classes over Skype or Facebook Messenger.  We have family staying with us, so this is great too.  Definitely busy.

Here's what is on the menu this week....

B- French toast (and I'll make extra for the week)
L- KFC Bowls
D- Stuffed shells w/ salad

B - Cream of wheat or oatmeal w/ fruit
L - Grilled cheese and soup
D- Turkey gravy and mashed potatoes

B - Quesadillas and yogurt
L - Cincinnati chili
D- Baked spaghetti w/ breadsticks

B - Cereal w/ fruit
L - Leftovers
D - Cheeseburger soup

B - Oatmeal cookies
L - Chicken stuffing shepherd's pie
D- Garlic chicken w/ rice and veggies

B- Cereal w/ fruit
L- Fried rice
D- Salisbury steak w/ mashed potatoes

B- Pancakes
L- Macaroni and cheese
D- Chicken pot pie w/ biscuit topping

Why I plan.....
Who isn't busy?!?!  Kids schedules, schoolwork, work, WOW!!  Life just does not stop!

When I create a menu, I include our schedule on it also.  In fact, I type the schedule into the table that I created first.  Then I know what is going on that day, and I can plan crockpot meals or even know if I need to have a make-ahead meal ready.  I do not use a fancy downloadable calendar, I simply use Microsoft Word.  I have a table I created on there.  At the bottom, I keep a running list of menu items that either I want them to try or food that is loved by all.

Hope everyone has a great week!!  See everyone next Monday!

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