Saturday, March 21, 2020

Calm Before the Storm....

Lydia had a staff meeting this day.  She and I went to the Kingdom Hall in the morning, and then Joe and I took her to the meeting and we went for a walk with Saige at the park.  This was fun.  Two hours by ourselves and the dog.  Saige is definitely a gentle beast.  She wanted to meet everyone.

We stopped and got a few things at the store, including a bouquet of flowers for Caty for her Botany this week.  She has started the Apologia Botany science book to go with her gardening 4H project and the garden that she wants to start.

This week she dissected a flower and studied the pollen.

We did have a super busy week.  There were doctor appointments for my mom.  Joey had a dentist appointment for a minor cavity fill. 

We did get to have a geography meal this week.  We visited New Jersey in their studies of US Geography.  I made them Disco fries...

And a Jersey Pork Roll Sandwich.

Their book was G is for Garden State.  They also watch Aerial America and State Plate.

Caty got her peppers and tomatoes out in their winter sowing containers.

She is working on review of some of the math problems she is struggling with.

Skating lessons....

And then the girls were excited to get a chance to see a real live astronaut speak at a local library event.  She was an amazing speaker,  Mae Johnson, M.D.

Caty even got to ask a question that stumped her a bit.

Brayden is fighting us on finishing his schoolwork for his senior year.  I know he's ready to be done.  He mainly just needs to finish his 4H and life math.  I just wish it wasn't such a fight.

Volleyball is well underway.....I enjoyed a 30 minute treadmill workout.

Doesn't everyone navigate like this....

Caty absolutely loved using the whiteboard desk at our co-op to work on her Matific Galaxy app practice.  Trouble is....she is creating her own way to solve simple math.  But whatever makes sense to her.

On Wednesday night...we had a fundraiser for The Special Horseman Connection.  This is a group that Lydia works with at the stable.  It provides scholarships for individuals with special needs to cover their riding expenses.  This was my project for volunteer hours.  It worked out well, and we had fun.

My aunt came out and helped us.

Lydia even got to hand out food at the drive-thru.

The next day we had Garden Club.  All the kids worked on planting seeds and sprouts.

Caty decided that she needed to bake a cake and decorate it.  She worked hard on this one.

The storm of the Co-vid virus had started all week.  People were getting anxious in our area.  We had our first diagnosis in an area county.  So we had decided that the kids did not get to leave the house anymore (at least the girls).  Both boys have jobs, and we worked with them to figure out what was happening with their jobs.  So they started their quarantine on 3/14.  Our co-op was cancelled through April 6, as of the typing of this post.  But it may be much longer now.

All the girls sports were cancelled starting on Wednesday.  That included all their game clubs also.  That cancellation is through March 31, but obviously will now be extended.  This is definitely a new situation that families are finding themselves in.

Saturday was Pi Day.  And I am determined to make this as stress free as possible for them.  They need to know the truth, but not in excess. 

I made them pie....

And shepherd's pie.  There were zero leftovers!!

This is going to be an eye opening experience the next few weeks...... We'll keep our Facebook and Blog up to date with all that is happening for us.

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