Friday, March 6, 2020

New Pets, State Advocacy Day, Bingo Fundraiser, Rainbows and More

We had a few new pets join our family this week.  Our first was Lydia's rabbit for 4H.  Meet Domino.  She had the opportunity to work at the Humane Society and Domino here was up for adoption.  He seems to be a very well mannered rabbit so far.  We'll see how this goes.

I've started using Pick up again.  Grocery pick up is amazing.  I can order and make my list throughout the week on my phone. 

Lydia had an appointment at a Pulmonologist about her asthma.  The traffic was horrible in all directions.  We ended up being late, even though we left early.  It was crazy!!

She was diagnosed with asthma.  And we go back in 6 weeks after she uses her steroid for a few weeks.

She is loving astronomy right now.

She and her dad put together a telescope kit.

Our state this week was West Virginia.  It was pretty low-key.  I didn't plan a set meal this week.  We just did our reading and also their state sheets.

Caty is trying hard with her ice skating.

And we now have new chicks, also for 4H.  These are buff Brahmas and two Wyandots.

On our way to volleyball we saw a full rainbow arc.  It was great!

While Lydia worked at volleyball practice, Joe and I worked out.

Wednesday was a busy day of work and Joey got to go to the State House in Columbus for Developmental Advocacy day.

Everyone rushed around and got back in time for our Bingo fundraiser for HARC events.

Lydia had an online game class for Stranger Things.

And she worked on her new CrowPi computer programming kit.

Caty is studying about how to open up her own business.  She spent two weeks reading and studying this book so far.  Next up we will work on her business plan.

They worked together to make lunch.  Caty used her 4H project of different ways to scramble eggs and turned it into  Lydia fried up some turkey bacon.

I made a huge lasagna that they ate on for most of the week.  It was a really busy week w/ half of spring sports starting.  But we survived.

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