Wednesday, March 4, 2020

What We Were Up To This Week.....

Let's be honest.....after a full weekend following athletes around the Winter Games....I was exhausted.  I stayed behind on making concrete lesson plans for the kids.  But I winged it again this week to keep them on track for their 4H projects.  These projects incorporate CORE subject involvement.  Plus the girls kept up on their math too.

I started out Sunday at Winter Games to finish getting videos of the remaining athletes from Henry County.  Our girls were done, but I wanted to make sure that everyone got their video and pictures on our Facebook page.

Then I met Joe at the theater and we took the kids to see the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie.  I was expecting this to just be horrible.  But just like Detective Pikachu I was surprised.  I really enjoyed the new Sonic movie.

And then Joe and I went to see the new Impractical Jokers movie.  Totally expected this to be too stupid to even laugh.  I really liked this movie too.

That was my relaxation for more than a week.  It was time to get things done.  My body took a couple days to recoup from all the activity.  Still having trouble like I did back in the fall.  One of these days I'll be able to go to the naturopathic doctor and see if she can help.

Some of the things we did, was finish learning about Virginia.

Lydia worked on her chapter on the Moon for Astronomy.  This was her moon phase activity.

 Caty did an experiments on leaving cake mix sit too long before baking.  It was an experiment with coffee cakes.  Do not let your cake batter sit too long or the air that makes it light and fluffy will escape.

Caty also learned how to take a regular cake mix and turn it into a coffee cake!

She learned how to cut and present grapefruit halves.

Lydia has been saving her money for a Vector robot from Amazon.  She is now in total love with this thing.

Even though we had a snow storm, classes went on.  Lydia helped a student who was struggling to build his Piper while I was helping another student with his CrowPi.

Working on their other assignments between Partnership classes.

There were lots of doctor appts this week.  My mom is starting a specialized lymphedema therapy schedule.  We had that first meeting.  Caty had an endocrinologist appt where she was officially diagnosed with P.C.O.S.  We will be battling this mountain for the next several months to get her healthy.  Lydia had an appointment to discover she has bowlers thumb, and also needs to see an endo for her thyroid.  That appointment is next week.

On the way home from one of the doctor appts this was the snow scene.

Caty asked to take skating lessons.  I told her she had to wait until swimming was over.  The new session started just two days after swim season was over.  She was ready to go.

It's Developmental Disabilities Month.  Our county features the clients on old-school billboards.  Recognize anyone on this one???

We were so excited to get to spend some time with friends also last week playing basketball.  Even Caty and Lydia got up and played this week.  It was great!

Joey spending time with his friend Noah!  Yep "spending time"

But we still had fun meeting new friends and building stronger friendship with our current friends.

We have many more doctor appointments coming up in March.  We also may be seeking out a new doctor for Caty, a specialists in PCOS with such a young girl.  But that's in the works.  For right now we'll take a breather and and get ready for March.  Spring sports start up next week.  Bring on tennis, volleyball, track, cycling, and so many more fun activities!!!

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