Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Most popular posts of 2014

Some of our most popular posts of 2014 were about our homeschool travels.  We have been given a great opportunity with my husband's travels.  We have traveled and saw so many great places.  We toured New York City, Houston, Raleigh, Madison WI, Chicago, Washington D.C. and many places in between.  Our journeys will be continuing into 2015.  So make sure to watch our blog as we travel school on the road.

1.  Visiting Punxy, PA and seeing Phil

2.  Visiting the Liberty Science Center

3.  Weird and Wacky Roadside Attractions

4.  Unofficial Brick Museum visit

5.  Visiting the Oil Rig Museum in Galveston Texas

6.  Reading Comprehension Guide Information

7.  Homeschool with Sensory Issues - using Glue

8.  Homeschooling while traveling


  1. Replies
    1. We travel a lot with my husband for work. It keeps the family together :) We take advantage of the locations we are at!